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Lauren Windas, Registered Nutritional Therapist (mBANT, CNHC), Naturopath, Master Practitioner in ED & NLP Practitioner is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals to leading a healthier lifestyle.

“I can relate. Having previously suffered with M.E./CFS, I know how it feels to have poor health and nowhere to turn for answers. I have experienced first-hand the power of nutritional and lifestyle modifications in recovering my own health and have also seen incredible results with clients.

Everybody is biochemically unique, and this means that every single one of us is adapted to cope with foods in very different ways. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and this is what I have learned along the course of my own health journey.”

– Lauren Windas

It is now Lauren’s passion to enlighten and educate others on the role that diet and lifestyle can play in promoting people’s health as well as inspiring others on how to eat well and take care of themselves.


I can help you when it comes to:

  • Emotional eating and adopting a healthy relationship with food


  • Weight loss and weight management


  • Obesity and disordered eating


  • Digestive issues (IBS) and microbiome analysis


  • Energy levels and chronic fatigue


Integrative medicine: I work alongside medical doctors and other healthcare professionals involved in patient’s care.


I offer face-to-face consultations in my Chelsea clinic and also in Mayfair. Alternatively, you can reach me over the phone or Skype.

I offer two bespoke nutrition programmes, the Transform your Nutrition and Reset Your Health package.

Prices and further information on these packages are available upon request.

Programmes include personal health assessment and advice, a bespoke dietary plan and supplement and laboratory testing recommendations (if necessary)*.

*Please note that any functional laboratory tests and/or supplements (if advised) are not included in this price.

I always encourage follow-up consultations so that I can see how you are responding. My ethos is that healthy living is not part of a ‘quick-fix’ programme. I believe that health is a journey and I want to show you how to make healthy living sustainable for you.

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Food is so powerful. It feeds us, fuels us and fixates us. We eat for survival, yet, living in the Western world, we more commonly eat for enjoyment.

“Eating is a psychological practise. Many people have a torturous relationship with food and believe it is not possible to eat for both health and pleasure. I want to show you how this is most certainly achievable.

My food philosophy is centralised on food as something to be enjoyed and cherished, as we should never make ourselves miserable at the expense of trying to eat healthily. Understanding how to hold a healthy relationship with food is so important as we go through life.”

– Lauren Windas

At ARDERE, we offer a variety of services and healthy recipes, whilst our very own blog focuses largely on healthy eating practices, nutritional and lifestyle advice. Look forward to receiving a wealth of creative ideas, recipes and educational insights on how to live a fuller, happier life.


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Naturopathy is the use of diet and lifestyle to promote wellbeing by addressing the root cause of a chronic health problem.

Lauren combines scientific and holistic approaches by applying the Functional Medicine model, viewing each person as unique and individual, both mentally, physically and emotionally.

Her approach looks at the underlying mechanisms behind health and weight issues by using a combination of information-gathering and testing methods, rather than simply suppressing symptoms.

In Lauren’s clinic, she considers nutrition, system pathways, toxicology, lifestyle and genetic influences that can help you to piece together your own health puzzle and discover the steps needed to achieve better wellbeing.

The ARDERE blog offers the latest information on lifestyle medicine and useful resources, whilst also uncovering how people can take action to promote their health naturally.

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