How do I use my promotional code?

To redeem a promotional code, simply enter a valid ARDERE code when prompted to do so in the basket or checkout page. Please note only one promotional code can be used per order. Promotional codes do not apply to already reduced items.

What payment options do you accept?

Payments on our website are made through Stripe for fast, secure and reliable payment and can also be made through Paypal. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express.

Can I recycle ARDERE candles and packaging?

ARDERE always aims to be as sustainable and earth-friendly as possible.

Our cardboard is FSC approved and fully recyclable. Our cello wraps are also biodegradable, made from plant-fibre!

Don’t forget to re-use our glass vessels, whether this be a pot to hold your make-up brushes or other worldly possessions, you can also simply recycle.

Are your candles made 100% from natural wax?

Yes. Our candles are made from 100% natural wax.
Natural wax vs. Paraffin wax

Paraffin wax candles produce toxic petrol-soot that eventually stains all interior surfaces (you’ll have seen the black soot on the side of the glass before). They can also trigger respiratory irritation due to the allergenic ingredients found in paraffin and of course, poor indoor air quality.

Whereas, 100% natural wax candles are completely healthy and toxin free. Therefore they have a clean burn, containing no petrochemical content and are soot free. Our natural waxes are biodegradable and are from renewable and sustainable resources. Unlike paraffin wax, natural wax is characterised by the lack of ecotoxic or accumulating effects. The wax is free from pesticides and any genetically modified material. Our wax burns slowly burning all the way to the edge and bottom ensuring no wax wastage.

What are the candle wicks made from?

All of the wicks in our candles are made from 100% natural cotton fibres. We do not use any tin silver strands or lead that are common in most other candles.

The reason why some candle brands use lead interlaced with cotton is because it helps the wicks stand up straight during the wax pouring process. We specifically avoid lead in our wicks as when the candle is lit the lead vaporises into the air where it is then inhaled. Lead is a neurotoxin and exposure can lead to poor cognitive function and impact the nervous system in a damaging way.

Are your products or any of the ingredients used tested on animals?

No. None of our products or ingredients used are tested on any animal.

I am a vegan and don’t use beeswax – can you tell me if I can use your products?

Our candles contain a very small amount of organic beeswax. We include this to achieve optimum burn quality and for its incredible natural cleansing benefits - beeswax emits negative ions that actually clean the air by getting rid of odours, pollens, smoke, dust, dust mites, viruses and other allergens and hazards. The beeswax that is used is organic to ensure that it is ethically sourced and to eliminate any traces of pesticides.

How long do the candles burn for?

Natural wax can burn for longer than paraffin wax. Our 35cl natural wax candles have an impressive burn time of a minimum of 52 hours. Please see candle care instructions on how to ensure your candles produce the optimum burn.

Are ARDERE candles made in England?

Yes. Ensuring the highest possible quality of our candles and fragrance is so important to us. This is why our candles are made in England so that we can ensure ethical practices are in place and quality assurance during the crafting of our precious products.

Are your products ethically sourced and eco-friendly?

Yes, all of our wax ingredients are from sustainable and renewable annual crops. Our packaging is also sustainably made, made from FSC approved card, as well as other biodegradable and recyclable materials.

Do the candles contain palm wax?

No. There is much controversy surrounding the use of palm wax due to deforestation. We are committed to ethical practices and therefore we ensure no palm wax is used within our unique wax blend.

Are your natural candles ethically and sustainably sourced?

Yes, our products are made from sustainable materials. Our packaging and vessels can also be recycled and we always promote this.

Is your Palo Santo sustainably sourced?

ARDERE’s Palo Santo is wild harvested, sourced sustainably from naturally downed trees and fallen branches. We only process wood that has been found to have died naturally in the forest.

Is Your Palo Santo endangered?
No, this is a case of mistaken identity. There are two different species referred to as Palo Santo. The species, Bulnesia sarmientoi, which grows in the Gran Chaco region of South America is threatened. It is characterised by a dark, mahogany-lookalike wood often used for its essential oils and in making furniture. Then there is the Palo Santo used in cleansing rituals which we have here at ARDERE, this species is called Bursera graveolens which is not endangered, it is characterised by a yellowish-tan sometimes streaked with darker shades of brown or grey.

How do I book a nutrition and wellness consultation?

Please see ARDERE's 'Contact Us' page and select 'Wellness Consultation' on the 'Nature of Enquiry' dropdown selection. After filling in the form and sending us your enquiry we will shortly get back to you with our Nutritionist's availability.

I do not live in London. Can I still book a nutrition and wellness consultation?

Yes. Our Nutritionist is available to offer Skype and telephone consultations if you are unable to visit any of her London clinics.

How do I pay for my nutrition and wellness appointment(s)?

Payment is taken in full at the time of booking via email invoice.

I am awaiting some test results following a nutrition and wellness consultation. How long will my results take to come back?

If you have ordered or sent away a test kit, you should find that the laboratory will get back to your practitioner with results within an allotted time frame. Your nutritionist will be the first to notify you of any results or information that you have had and interpret this for you during your next appointment.

I need to cancel an appointment. What do I do?

A full refund is available if cancellation notice is given 7 days prior to your appointment. If there is a need to reschedule, this can be made no later than 72 hours prior to your appointment. Notice given any later than these specified time frames will result in only 50% of your payment being refunded. No shows will not be refunded.

If you cancel later than 72 hours before your appointment and this is due to illness, your appointment can be rescheduled, however, your appointment will take place via telephone or Skype. If you feel you would still like a face-to-face appointment then an additional payment of £25 will be charged for clinic room fees.

My company is looking for a healthcare professional to speak to employees about health and wellbeing. What can you offer?

ARDERE can deliver corporate talks for your employees, discussing how they can improve their health and wellbeing in the workplace. In a one hour period Nutritionist Lauren will spend valuable time with your team discussing how they can eat their way to feeling better, along with practical lifestyle tips. See our 'Services' page for further information on 'Corporate Wellness'.

Do you host your own events?

Yes. At ARDERE, we frequently host our own events discussing all things wellness. Please refer to our 'Events' page in our 'Services' section of the website to find updates on upcoming events.

I own a business and I am seeking advice on how to develop a credible health angle for my products and/or services. What can you offer me?

Our Nutritionist (mBANT) Lauren acts as a consultant to brands and restaurants for those seeking credible insight on the health angle of products and/or services. This might include advice on menu development and ingredient selection, nutritional analysis of recipes, product development, copywriting, insights into health and wellness trends or sourcing suppliers with trustworthy and healthy products. If you would like to learn more about these services, head to our 'Brand Consultancy' page or our 'Contact Us' page and send us your enquiry.

I run health and wellness retreats to inspire and promote healthy living. What can you offer at my retreat?

ARDERE can offer nutrition consultations, talks and workshops with your guests for the duration of their stay. Please refer to the 'Retreats' page in the 'Services' section of our website for further information.

Has my order been dispatched?

If you log in to your account you can view your order status in your account dashboard. We will also send you an email letting you know once your order has been dispatched.

How do I update my personal details?

To update your details, log in to your account and change any of your personal information on the account dashboard and then click save.

I have forgotten my password

Not to worry, we have all forgotten our password from time to time. Simply click on the forgotten password link on any log in page, then enter your email address when prompted on the log in page. We will then email you a link that you can use to change your password.

Do you offer next day UK delivery?

Currently we do not offer next day delivery. If you are based in the UK orders will arrive within 2-3 working days.

Do you deliver internationally?

Absolutely, we deliver worldwide! We believe everyone should have access to our unique wellbeing blends. If your country does not appear on the dropdown menu during the checkout process, do not hesitate to contact us via our 'Contact Us' page.

Are there custom taxes for international orders?

Taxes may apply for imported goods and is regulated by the country law. ARDERE is not responsible for any tax invoice charged on its products. Different countries have differing tax rates applied. Please contact the local customs for clarity and information.

When will my order be shipped if I purchased a ``Pre-order`` item?

The dispatch date is stated on the product page of the ``Pre-ordered`` item.

If you purchased a ``Pre-order`` item and ``In Stock item`` together, your order will not be shipped until the pre-order item is released.

If you want to get your ``In Stock item`` sooner, then please order and make payment separately, this way your ``In stock`` item can be shipped out immediately.

How do I arrange a return?

To return an unwanted ARDERE product from ardere.com please read our terms on the ‘Returns & Refunds’ page. Following this, please get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ page and request a returns form. Please note that delivery charges are incurred by the returnee and it is their responsibility to use tracked delivery and keep proof of postage should your parcel not be received by ARDERE.

Have you received my returned items?

We will contact you as soon as we have received your returns. If you haven’t heard from us within 1 week of having returned the item(s) then please get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ page.

I have returned my order, how long does it take for a refund?

Refunds are arranged within 14 days of us receiving the unwanted goods.