ARDERE events are all about bringing the health community together in one place!

We participate in industry events talking about our passions in nutrition, health and lifestyle.

We also coordinate our own events which centre around healthy living. Look out for these on our blog and social channels or be the first to know by signing up to our newsletter. Our aim is to open and engage in the debates around nutrition in order to further understand what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our 2019 Spring line-up:

  • Thrive Festival, Dublin – you can find us speaking on the subject of  ‘Self Care: The Impact of Stress on Our Health and How to Combat’ on the Mind Stage at this Year’s Thrive Festival in Dublin
  • Detox, Health & Beauty Festival, Edinburgh – we will be speaking on a panel all about self-care at Detox, Health & Beauty Festival in Edinburgh
  • Live Well London – we will be exhibiting The Self-discovery Collection from one of the most exciting health festivals in London, Live Well
  • Channel Islands Stylish Living Show – we’re showcasing The Self-discovery Collection in Jersey and Guernsey at the Channel Islands Stylish Living Show

If you wish to enquire further about event appearances or alternatively wish to collaborate with us in organising an event, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.