Brand Consultancy

Our Registered Nutritionist consults with brands to add credibility to a company and its independent offering.

As a registered Nutritionist (mBANT) I can play an advisory role for brands, hotels and restaurants seeking credible insight into the health angle of their products and/or services. This might include advice on menu development and ingredient selection, nutritional analysis of recipes, product development, copywriting, insights into health and wellness trends or sourcing suppliers with trustworthy and healthy products.

Whether I am reviewing or modifying an existing menu, or alternatively working on product development for something entirely new, rest-assured I will happily work with you to ensure that your food is the highest quality to meet your demands.

When it comes to menus, all menus can be tailored towards your clientele: whether this involves performance nutrition in a gym or spa or delicious and creative dishes that utilise whole food ingredients, I will always consider a client’s wellbeing from every angle, paying particular focus to the nourishment and enjoyment that comes from every dining experience. Please get in touch via our Contact Us page.


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