About Ardere

At ARDERE we make you feel good; body, mind and soul. We are the ultimate self-care company specialising in natural aromatherapy products and nutritional therapy.

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We live in a world that puts a high demand on our body and mind. Stress, coupled with poor diet and lifestyle choices can have an enormous impact on our wellbeing, with chronic illnesses being more prevalent than ever before.

At ARDERE (pronounced ‘ar-deh-ray’, a translation of ‘glow’), we believe that your lifestyle can be your medicine. We are experts in self-care, simply taking care of yourself can be the key to a healthier and happier you.

What We Offer

We understand that those seeking health and nutrition guidance can find it difficult to know what advice to follow in what seems to be a very confusing wellness landscape.

This is why we offer an evidence-based approach to providing wellness and nutrition advice from qualified industry experts, whilst providing delicious healthy recipes and aromatherapy products that work to evoke the glow in you!

Why We’re Different

From our products to our recipes, we understand that everyone is biochemically unique with different lifestyles and goals. There is no one avenue to achieving optimum wellbeing. Your health is influenced by 5 pillars, those being your diet, movement, mindset, environment and how you rest. That’s why we take a holistic approach to helping people achieve optimum health.

All of our advice is evidence-based, from leading healthcare professionals.

We understand the importance of conscious living. All of our products are natural, ethical and made in England.

Join us on the path to leading an incredible life!









ARDERE has poignant beginnings. In 2012, co-founder Lauren was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (more commonly referred to as M.E. or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). She was determined to treat herself as naturally as possible, and discovered that by making specific dietary and lifestyle changes, she was able to alleviate and overcome many of her symptoms.

Similarly, Nicole went on the journey with her after suffering with stress and anxiety in her early twenties. We have experienced first-hand the power of clever lifestyle choices. Our collective passion became sharing our knowledge with others. We began exploring techniques, products and recipes that not only promote a profound sense of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, but also that can be

used to support a variety of ailments and reduce your toxic load. We aren’t about just showing you how to shed pounds or relax on the sofa. Our approach to wellbeing promotes a different way of living. An approach to life that defends you against stress, anxiety and illness, and allows you to emerge as the truly healthy, happy person you deserve to be.


Sisters Lauren and Nicole share their background and how they came to establish ARDERE.


Lauren Windas NT, ND, mBANT
Nutritional Therapist & Naturopath

Lauren founded ARDERE on the basis that she wanted to share her passion for healthy living with others. Her entrance into the world of health stemmed through her own personal health struggles, in which she wanted to educate, support and inspire those who are going through similar journeys with their own health. Lauren encourages you to always be the best version of yourself, through consistently evolving and learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“I know through personal experience that healthy change can be difficult, but after coming out the other side, I would like to ignite that spark within you to make changes to your diet and lifestyle, always seeing the positive outcomes no matter what the circumstance.”

Nicole Windas headshot

Nicole Windas
Wellness Coach (IIN), Product & Lifestyle Curator & Holistic Facialist

Nicole created ARDERE aromatherapy products to exemplify the pinnacle of wellness. Her desire is to ensure that all products created are the most indulgent and consciously sourced on the market, paying particular focus to your wellbeing at every opportunity. Her eclectic taste personifies luxury, elegance and escapism; and ARDERE embodies exactly that.

“My passion for travel always had a profound effect on my imagination. It was my own personal journeys and experiences that have inspired me to develop the Self-discovery Collection that transports you to the most beautiful of locations whilst simultaneously working to improve your wellbeing. Simply lighting an ARDERE candle in your home can be the key to immerse you into another realm completely.”