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Scent Your Workspace

Working from home can be a real challenge at the moment. Perhaps you’re distracted by the latest Netflix series, the kitchen fridge calling out to you, or simply trying to juggle family life, alongside the housework. We have the perfect inspiration on how scenting your workspace will help you to maintain focus and achieve mental...

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How To Live More Mindfully In 2020

If you’re looking to really get down to the core of what wellbeing is really about, then look no further! I have summarised some key tips for you that will help you to think and feel your best this year… What is ‘mindfulness’? Mindfulness has been recommended by the Department of Health and other healthcare...

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The Dales

Inspired by Yorkshire, we developed The Dales to pay homage to our British country roots. Having moved to the city, we as sisters both know the uplifting feeling we get when we leave the hustle and bustle and retreat back to the countryside. We wanted to capture that in a scent and provide a feeling...

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