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Banning of the Microbeads

Progress in the Cosmetics Industry: The Banning of Microbeads

With 2018 drawing to a close we are taking a look back at something we can celebrate in the wellness, environmental and beauty industry this year, and that is the banning of the microbead. Beauty lovers and environmentalists can rejoice! Whilst it’s a step in the right direction, the ban doesn’t cover all cosmetics. Read...

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The Self-discovery Collection

The Self-discovery Collection was crafted based upon the power of the olfactory senses to put you in touch with your body and mind, helping you to realign with the very best version of yourself. We strongly believe in scent-therapy. As co-founders we were inspired by our own personal experiences learning how scent could boost wellbeing,...

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Seeking Wellness?

We are excited to share our new stockist! You can now find our dreamy scented candles situated in no other than the beautiful Richmond. Seekology is a new retail concept sharing remarkable beauty and wellbeing brands with the world. Customers can come and learn about exciting emerging brands. Meet the makers: We’re regularly popping down to the...

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